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NEW! FAUSTREGELN - Short explanations for complicated situations

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This book helps you to remain capable of action: 44 mental rules of thumb provide orientation in the chaos of everyday life and offer decision-making aids for every situation in life. The lessons in this book are simple, applicable and timeless.


There are laws of nature - gravity, thermodynamics, Ohm's law - and then there are human laws that cannot be scientifically proven and yet are clearly true.

The law of ketchup, for example - first there is nothing for a long time, then suddenly there is too much - is of course not a law of nature, and yet everyone has experienced it. Or the law of the physicist Douglas Hofstadter, which states that everything always takes longer than expected (even if you take Hofstadter's law into account). Or the Peter Principle, which explains why our superiors are idiots, or Parkinson's Law, which states that meetings always take at least as long as the time we estimate for them.

These laws seem humorous, but they are actually rules of thumb that help us to grasp situations more quickly and understand ourselves and others better. The lessons in this book are simple, practical and timeless. It is never about short-lived trends or current technologies, it is about eternal questions of decision-making, cooperation and understanding.

Authors: Mikael Krogerus, Roman Tschäppeler
Publisher: Kein & Aber