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Roman Tschäppeler & Mikael Krogerus

The Finnish-Swiss bestselling duo "RTMK"Portrait

The world explained with a few strokes

«Swiss army knife of self-help books»Column in «DAS MAGAZIN» (German)
Devops: The term is made up of development and operations. The DevOps mantra: «You build it, you run it», if you have an idea, then implement it and keep it running.

Keynotes on a chalkboard

"Substantial, clever, good-humoured"Live on stage
Keynote, lectures and shows: Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler entertain with precise and smart observations - always sketched live on a chalkboard. Here at the Swiss Economic Forum 2021 in Interlaken.


"They make customers from Tokyo to Los Angeles smile and - more importantly - think."

Barbara Friedli
Global Head of Communications & Sustainability Lead VITRA

"Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler show how to cheerfully overcome obstacles."

Review about MACHEN

"A very nice little book that is an instant read."

Dr. Miriam Meckel
Professor University of St. Gallen, about ENTSCHEIDEN

"Read this book for its invaluable content and irrepressible joy! And for the difference it can make in our world."

Nancy Kline
Author of bestselling 'Time To Think' about The Communication Book

"...useful tips on everything from making small talk to effective apologies and how to come out with your best lines when it matters."

Susan Flockhart
The Herald, on The Communication Book

"Compiled in a neat and concise "dip-in and out" anthology style, this is a very interesting and accessible volume."

Irish Times
On The Test Book


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