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The world explained with a few strokes

Roman Tschäppeler and Mikael Krogerus at their talk at TEDx Danubia in Budapest on practical decision theory

Roman Tschäppeler and Mikael Krogerus manage to captivate any audience. Their keynotes about modern work life are educational, funny and in high demand.

On a chalkboard (but not as boring as a school lecture), they answer eternal questions of work life: How do I make the right decisions? How do you work with people you don't like? What's the problem with meetings? Why does everything always take longer than planned? What is a «good idea»?

They appeal to the intellectual curiosity of the audience and guide them through the world of New Work in a lively and humorous way: It is about decision-making and collaboration, agility and design thinking, leadership and risk management, consensus decisions and feedback.

In short, it's about new life skills. The abilities we need to excel in a digitalized, fragmented and globalized world. The audience will encounter familiar models such as the Pareto principle, the salami tactic or the deep work technique. And lesser-known ones such as the PhD plateau, the Machiavelli matrix or the sock/roof tile problem.

As in their books, Krogerus & Tschäppeler show in their lectures the extraordinary ability to make sense of psychological and scientific phenomena. It is theory in its most practical form: clever, short, visual, applicable - presented with a wink.

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Theory in practical form


"Armed with blackboard, chalk and a rhetorically fine blade, Mikael and Roman convey content and make the audience laugh."

Corin Blesi
CEO NZZ Connect

"All you need to know about decision making - delivered in a fresh and visual way!"

Ebru Akdağ
Conference President "Human Week" Turkey

"Tschäppeler and Krogerus understand how to bring relevant excellentto bring relevant content from science and practice on stage in an understandable and humorous way. A highlight for your event!"

Michael Federer

"Dense knowledge with a lot of wit and a few strokes to the point."

Patrik Scheichl
Bedag Informatik AG

"Krogerus, the expert, and Tschäppeler, the creative, are a wonderfully complementary team of didactics and entertaining knowledge transfer."   

Olga Frank
Cantonal Hospital Lucerne LUKS

"This duo is awesome and this approach as well."

Prerna Kumari

For big stages...

From PINC Conference to Swiss Economic Forum

Roman Tschäppeler and Mikael Krogerus at a lecture in Budapest. They explain the 7 pitfalls of modern working life.

... and for small ones.

From the Théâtre de Poche to Vitra Sessions.

Unique yet adaptable

Decision-Making, Teamwork & Collaboration, Communication Theory, Life Skills & New Work -- adaptable to many current conference and convention topics.

From 15 to 45 minutes, at a stretch or in blocks.

Lectures in German, Swiss German/German and English. French can be added in shreds. In addition, RTMK are used to appearing before theoreticians, but also before practitioners, before CEOs as well as before students.

Mikael Krogerus

Roman Tschäppeler, Kaospilot and Creative Producer from Biel, Switzerland

Roman Tschäppeler